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The DNA kits are managed by Imperial African History and Genetic Genealogical Society (IAHGGS) also known as DNA Tested Africans via The Founder is Chief (Princess) Naja Chinyere Njoku Eri.  


Chief Naja's organization has been testing Africans for several years now and has reconnected families since 2011.  Either members of the DNA Tested Africans Organization purchased the DNA kits ourselves or others purchased and donated them to us for testing.

Chief Naja and Organization Directors have personally traveled to African and tested many people.  

The Mission 

The mission of DNA Tested Africans has always been to change the way Africans in the Diaspora view themselves and their families by reuniting the descendants of those that were forcibly removed from the continent with their biological families in Africa.


Our goal is to reconnect the families using the DNA matching services that Autosomal DNA testing provides.


Temporary Project in 2017 


In 2017, Princess Naja Chinyere Njoku Eri, Founder of DNA Tested African Descendants and Princess Ada Anagho Brown joined in collaboration temporarily to create the African Royal DNA ProjectBecause Princess Ada traveled to African countries often, Princess Naja asked and encouraged her to conduct Autosomal DNA testing while she was there.  This is how the African Royal DNA Project was established in 2017.   This project occurred SIMULTANEOUSLY as Directors in our DNA Tested Africans organization continued to test people born in Africa. 


The "African Royal DNA Project" continued to conduct Autosomal DNA testing in various Kingdoms on the continent of Africa.  This effort helped in adding   a variety of African kits to our DNA Tested Africans database.  In early 2019, the collaboration concluded



DNA  Tested African Descendants' Project


Our continuing organization project is called the "African Royale DNA Project"


We continue to 

  • Test Africans born on the continent of Africa 

  • Create genealogy family trees and DNA databases for DNA tested Royals

  • Document and digitize the African Oral History of villages and families

  • Reconcile the African Royals with their DNA matches in the Diaspora

  • Coordinate naming and reconnection ceremonies and 

  • Re-connect families with their rightful Kingdoms and villages


We understand the trauma of losing our ancestral names, identity, language and culture as a result of the Transatlantic Trade. For years, we have provided a global platform for restorative and healing reconnections between DNA matches. We have coordinated African Ancestral Naming Ceremonies in the United States and in various countries in Africa since 2011. This is to assist DNA Tested African Descendants in reclaiming their traditional names from their ethnic group(s) of ancestry. Over 2000 Descendants have taken part in the ceremonies.

Our Concept


Many of our African Ancestors were taken from Africa in chains.  Our goal is to facilitate a memorable reconnection with our Continental African family members in a manner that restores dignity.  Its a ROYAL uplifting mindset of humbleness and reflection that we do this.  We are far more than what we were told.  We are far older as well.  


Our crowns have been bought and paid for.   All we have to do is wear them.  ~ James Baldwin


    Over the past years, we have tested several Continental Africans ( people born on the continent of Africa ) .  They want to meet and connect with us in the Diaspora.  We test the following.  


  • African Bloodline Royals and their extended families

  • African Titled Royals and their extended families

  • African Village Chiefs and their extended families

  • African Clan Leaders and their extended families

  • (Expanded in 2018 to include) Africans Born on Our Ancestral Continent of Africa and have recently immigrated abroad





We are not a "for profit" entity.  We are a Non Profit Organization. We are NOT a tour company or a DNA Testing Company.  We NEVER have been.  We do not conduct any tours.  If we decide to travel to Kingdoms in Africa to connect with our families, it will be a FAMILY reunion and we will surely advise you of the plans via our newsletter or posts.  The notice will contain information with proper disclaimers.  



Regarding Our Project


👑 In order to participate, you MUST take the Autosomal DNA that provides your DNA raw data file and a family DNA matching services.   Companies that provide this type of test are,, , and . You must log into your account and download the DNA raw data file.  



👑 After uploading your DNA Raw data to , read the instructions at this link.  African Royale DNA Project Gedmatch Contact Form  and instructions 


👑 We have African kits on several platforms.  You can check www. , and for African Royale DNA 🧬Project Matches for free.  Always read the terms and conditions of the website before using it.  


👑 Reminder, you can upload your Autosomal DNA raw data from, or to or for free.  If you find a match, send your messages through the website for the Kit manager to respond.


***For security and Privacy Purposes, posting any info or images of the Royals in Social Media is prohibited. This includes inboxing or messaging.**

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