We are a community of Volunteers focused on the ACRO concept.  ACRO means African Culture and Reconciliation Organization.  We are NOT a DNA testing company.  We are an African Hereditary Society.  You must DNA test on your own.  We coordinate cultural reception and integration via language classes, naming ceremonies and other enriching  events after you have received your results.


We conduct African Rites of Passage, facilitate reconciliation of the DNA Tested African Diaspora and their African ethnic groups of ancestry.  We provide you with 3rd party tools for YOU to research so you can determine which DNA Testing company and /or 3rd party tools for family tree building  are most useful to you.  We provide helpful templates for initial communications with your DNA matches as well as methods on how to get the most out of your test results.   

As you know, we are a Non-Profit Organization

( Not a DNA Testing Company )


We reconnect the African Diaspora with their living family members that were born on the Continent of Africa. This is done through Autosomal DNA testing. In order to search for living relatives that have also taken the Autosomal DNA (AtDNA) test, you must test at one of the companies listed below. This is because the companies below provide family or relative finder services.


If the DNA Testing company is NOT listed on the chart below, it means they do NOT provide family or relative finder services. This means you will NOT be able to find a real living relative through their company’s website and you will not be able to send any messages to people that you are related to.

Major AtDNA Testing Companies.jpg

Meeting Your

Real Living Africa

Born Relatives via AtDNA Testing

Kerion Met his DNA Relatives in Benin as a

result of Our African DNA Project.  We DNA 

Tested several Royale Families in multiple

African countries and  
ethnic groups.

Turn up the volume and watch the video.  

Click the Image Below for More on How to Search Our African DNA Database  for Real Africa Born Relatives 


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Some Autosomal DNA
Testing Company Videos


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