Due to COVID-19, In Person Naming Ceremonies Have Been Postponed Until Further Notice.  We Have A Virtual Option.  See the link below. 

23 August 2020 Virtual Igbo Naming

22 November 2020 Virtual Ewe/ Ashanti/Akan

13 December 2020 Virtual Igbo


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Chinyere Njoku and the Ezes

Chinyere Njoku receiving her blessing after presenting the DNA tested African Americans to the Igbo Royals

The Family Reunion 2018



The Igbo Men

Igbo Naming ATL Feb 2019

The Naija Family

Igbo Naming Ceremony

Cameroon Fons Councila nd King Peggy

North West Fon's Council of Cameroon and King Peggy of Ghana ~~ Naming Ceremony

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Igbo Naming Ceremony