• Chief Chinyere Njoku Eri

DNA Tested Africans January 2016 Newsletter

We are ever so thankful for our past and present facilitators. Here are just a few of our amazing team members.

We each work as volunteers, behind the scenes, performing various functions to ensure that the DNA Tested African Descedants Groups are packed with quality DNA Testing and Family Tree Building information. We also provide fun African facts, games and challenges. Each facilitator has DNA tested with at least one DNA testing company. We can better assist others when we have walked the walk ourselves.

Our ancestral journey has not been an easy one. First impressions are lasting ones. Meeting new immediate DNA matches (family members) and/or members of our African ethnic groups can be a bit unnerving, confusing and exciting at the same time. Many discovery secrets that were hidden in their DNA for hundreds of years. We assist in understanding the transitions. We work diligently to continue to improve on the African cultural reception and integration experiences.

Many of us started out on this journey together. The steadfast remain in the trenches daily. We never allow differences of opinion to dictate how we interact with those wishing to genuinely learn their ancestry in a peaceful, positive environment. We keep in mind to NEVER lose ourselves while making new discoveries. All of our ancestry is important to us.

Each facilitator fully understands that "We are the SAME PEOPLE coming from the same Ancestral lands. We are of many branches and roots, all nourished by the abundant African soil." ~~ Nzumafo

~~~ More Facilitators will be featured in the upcoming newsletters ~~~

Enjoy this amazing music video by Flavour of Igboland, Nigeria. You will see quite a bit of Igbo culture in this video as well as hear him swoon in Igbo.

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We are coordinating online African Language Classes for 2016. We will post the class schedules as they are coordinated in our DNA Tested African Language Challenge Group . Please feel free to join us.


If you DNA tested (autosomal) with FTDNA.com , 23andme.com or Ancestry.com, you can upload your DNA raw data to Gedmatch.com for FREE to find more DNA matches. You will have an opportunity to communicate with your matches and research how you are related. You can compare your DNA kit to other kits in the database. Many have FOUND African DNA matches through this method.

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