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Hello Family!

Many have asked if we know of stores that sell African goods and services. We created a Facebook group for you with this in mind. If you have DNA tested and you wish to buy or sell legal items that are African or African Inspired, you are welcome to join this group. So far there are great posts about businesses selling their clothing, travel, spices and much more.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/DNATestedAfricanMarketPlace/ ~~

We are looking for Beta testers for this FREE Hiipe communications app. It is owned by a Cameroonian American (born in Cameroon to Bamileke parents). He is also a US Army Veteran. His name is Heine Nzumafo.

Just click on the link below and install the app. Ask others to install. Test it with them and have fun! It will be a great FREE method of staying in contact with your DNA matches from around the world!

We need your feedback for improvements if you see any http://hiipe.me/ ~~

Watch the video below for more details about the app.

Did you know that Amazon Prime Video now streams the Bino and Fino animated series that teaches about African history? Click Here.

April 25th commemorates the landmark discovery of the DNA helix and completion of the Human Genome Project. What better way to celebrate those achievements than with annual National DNA Day Sales! There are ongoing sales at most major testing companies . Some may end on 25 April 2017 !!

Check the sites for sales 23andme.com , FTDNA.com ,

AncestryDNA.com , MyHeritage.com , Africanancestry.com , or https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/ .

$79 DNA kits!

Mother's Day Sale

https://www.23andme.com/ ~~

Come Join us as we watch some great African movies online. Click Here .

You can also stream the movies to YouTube on your TV or any mobile device that has the YouTube.com app .

More Coming Soon!!!

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