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DNA Results From the Royal House of the Krobo People of Ghana Are In!

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The above image is Nene Sackitey II, the Konor (paramount chief) in Odumase-Krobo

The www.Ancestry.com DNA results are in for Mr. E. B. Sackitey ! He is of the Royal House of the Krobo people in Ghana. He has over 900 DNA matches on Ancestry so far!!

He is the brother of the Paramount Chief in Odumase, of Krobo of Odumase-Krobo, Ghana. To be more precise he is the brother of the Konor (Paramount Chief) of the Manya-Krobo Traditional Area.

The legend is that the Krobo people travelled from Israel to Il Ife in Nigeria (this is a return to Africa migration after thousands of years of ancient outward migration). They later went to various locations in Ghana and are now in Odumase, Krobo, Ghana region.

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They are very well known for their DIPO rites of passage for the young ladies and their beautiful beads. https://www.behance.net/gallery/5767485/Dipo-Ceremony-Krobo-Ghana

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Let's stay positive and celebrate when the DNA matches and results begin to roll in!! Your break through is coming!! ~~ Naja Chinyere Njoku, Queen Mother (Nzumafo)

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