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African Royal DNA 2017-2019 ~ Who Are We?

Updated: May 1

African Royal DNA 2017- 2019 ~~ Who Are We?

The Founder of DNA Tested African Descendants ( Princess Naja Chinyere Njoku Eri ) and The President of Roots to Glory Tours ( Princess Ada Anagho Brown ) joined forces in 2017 to bring you the African Royal DNA Project.

This project concluded in 2019.

This project is designed to assist Africans in the Diaspora whose ancestors were forcefully removed from the Continent an opportunity to find their actual biological families. The project also allows the African Royals on the Continent to find out what happened to their families that were taken.

This project uses Autosomal DNA technology and its family finder service to test Kings, Queens, Royals and their extended families living in Africa.

The transatlantic trade was tragic in so many ways, especially in the way it disconnected and displaced families. Dignity was stripped from enslaved Africans. We are restoring the dignity in a Royal manner, with the purpose of reconstructing and re-connecting the African families scattered in the Diaspora.

The African Royal DNA will continue to • Conduct African Genealogy Conferences in Africa • Gather DNA samples from Africa for Autosomal DNA testing • Reconcile the African Royals with their DNA matches in the Diaspora

• Conduct Naming and Reconnection Ceremonies • Re-connect families with their rightful Kingdoms and villages • Create Genealogy family trees and DNA databases for DNA Tested Royals • Document and digitize the African Oral History of villages and families * Provide media footage of DNA Tested African Royals on the Continent, communicating to their families abroad

And More!!!

How Can You Participate?

• Take the autosomal DNA test at 23andme.com , Ancestry.com , LivingDNA.com , MyHeritage.com or FtDNA.com (Research the companies FIRST and decide which one meets your needs)

• Upload your DNA raw data to www.Genesis.Gedmatch.com (Research the website FIRST and decide if the site meets your needs. We DO NOT OWN the website. It is a FREE resource)

• Click here to find out how to check for matches in our project https://www.dnatestedafricans.org/single-post/2018/03/07/How-to-Check-GenesisGedmatchcom-for-African-Royal-DNA-Project-Matches-Updated-7-Mar-2018

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Naming Ceremony Registration

23 Feb 2019 Atlanta, Georgia

20 July 2019 Staunton, Virginia

4 Aug 2019 Silver Spring, Maryland

24 Aug 2019 Hampton, Virginia

To Be Determined Charleston, South Carolina

To Be Determined. Baltimore. MD

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We are NOT a DNA Testing Company. We Autosomal DNA test Africans of various African Royal Kingdoms and connect them with their DNA matches in the Diaspora.


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