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Happy New Month ~ February ~African Royal DNA Adventures!

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Happy New Month Family!

~ We hope you are all doing well. We are excited to say that African Royal DNA just completed DNA Testing in Congo! We encourage each of you to speak to your families and friends about taking the Autosomal DNA test. This type of test provides a "relative finder" service. The relative finder service allows you to connect with your DNA matches. Many people have found family this way. Some companies that provide Autosomal DNA testing are provided in Alphabetical Order; 23andme.com , Ancestry.com , LivingDNA.com and MyHeritage.com . ~

~2019 Royal DNA Testing Adventures~

1st Stop, Congo!

King of Loango ( Lwããgu ) Kingdom

The following was explained to us.

Lwã is also Loa which means Spirit or Power.

ãgu is also ngo which means Panther,

Thus Spirit or Power of the Panther.

Where are You From?

Umu Igbo Unite of Houston presented this awesome question. As we continue to assist in reconnecting families in the Diaspora with their African roots, more are able to say where they are from in the motherland. Click the image below to learn more about Umu Igbo Unite.

Speaking of Panthers

@blackpanther shared this with us. Long live the king! Create a FREE account at Marvel.com . Then Use redeem code 'FOREVER' at www.marvel.com/redeem to get a FREE digital bundle of five #BlackPanther comics and celebrate Wakanda Forever all month (February) long. I just followed the steps and I have my free comic books. I was also able to get several additional FREE comic books . ~ Princess Naja Chinyere Njoku Eri

Finding African Royal DNA Matches on Gedmatch

Finding African Royal DNA Matches on Gedmatch

In order to participate, you MUST take the Autosomal DNA that provides your DNA raw data file and a family DNA matching services.   Companies that provide this type of test are Ancestry.com, 23andme.com, MyHeritage.com, Livingdna.com and FTDNA.com .  You must log into your account and download the DNA raw data file.  Then upload it to Genesis.Gedmatch.com .  There are videos available on Youtube that explain how to download the DNA raw data and upload it to Genesis.Gedmatch.com .

If you have already taken the Autosomal DNA test and uploaded your DNA raw data to Gedmatch or Genesis, you can check to see if you match any of the African Royal DNA kits that I manage. Always read the terms and conditions or the websites BEFORE uploading your DNA raw data or using it. 

Here's How 

Instructions Updated 5 Mar 2019

Family, please check Genesis.Gedmatch.com for African Royal 👑 DNA 🧬Project Matches that we tested in 2017 and prior . 

1. Conduct a one-to-many comparison . Look in your match list in the email column for our email address Admin@AfricanRoyaLDNA.com

2. If you see a match with that email , click on the letter “A in the column to Conduct a one to one comparison. 

3. Take a full page screenshot (this is a picture of your results) which must include the Matching segments and the name or code of the two people being compared . Please do NOT send us your DNA raw data. 

4. Complete this form. https://tinyurl.com/African-Genesis

5. Per the group guidelines, please do not inbox me on social media. Email your questions Admin@AfricanRoyaLDNA.com

***For security and Privacy Purposes, posting any info or images of the Royals in Social Media is prohibited. This includes inboxing or messaging.***

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If you have already taken the DNA test and would like to learn more about reconnecting, click the image below and join us.


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