The First People ~~ Africa

We are a species born of many parents across Africa. Our roots are more tangled than we ever realized.

Around 200,000 years ago, a new species, Homo sapiens, appeared on the African landscape. While scientists have imagined eastern Africa as a real-life Garden of Eden, the latest research suggests humans evolved in many places across the continent at the same time.

DNA from a 19th-century African-American slave is forcing geneticists to re-think the origins of our species. The theory is that our ancestors met, mated and hybridized with other human types in Africa — creating ever greater diversity within our species.

Watch this PBS video regarding the first people Africa. It explained that the Sahara was lush and green. As the area began to dry, migration began. There were outward migrations and return migrations.

The video mentions our dear group member Jacqueline Elaine Johnson​ and her ancestor Albert Perry. Find out about the amazing ancient Y DNA A00 that has NEVER been documented before.

Watch this PBS video regarding the first people ~~ Africa.

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