The African Royal DNA Project and Igbo Naming Ceremony


Do you wish to DNA test? Do you want to find your family?

We can take this journey together.

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The Royal African DNA Project.

This project is taking ancestry and genealogical research to a different level of re-connections!! This can potentially remove the abstract ancestry and connect actual DNA cousins from our home continent that know their ethnic group(s) and history.

This project is a great benefit to many of us. We will contact the DNA matches of the African Royals and reconnect them.

The African Royals can benefit the Diaspora by telling us the ethnic group(s), the kingdom(s), location(s) , family history, customs and languages of our people.

The Diaspora can help the African Royals by providing our family history abroad. We can tell them where their families are currently living.

This is bringing the branches back together!


Igbo Festival and Naming Ceremony 27-29 Jul 2017 Update

If you registered for the Igbo Naming Ceremony or you wish to take part in the Igbo Festival, click the red icon below to download the Igbo Festival Registration Details. It includes discounts for the Frontier Museum Access and the hotel.


DNA Testing Success!!

Ichie Akuma Kalu Njoku, a founding father of the Igbo Village in

Staunton, Virginia DNA tested with in 2016. He is Igbo of Akuna-Ohafia in Abia State, Nigeria.

He provided a small sample of saliva in the DNA test kit that was mailed to him. He contacted AdaEze Naja Chinyere Njoku to activate the kit for him and he dropped in his mailbox. 6 weeks later amazing discoveries were revealed.

He has discovered that he has 2,743 DNA matches which are in fact his previously lost relatives! The number of DNA matches will increase as more of us DNA test.

He is a DNA match, to the family of AdaEze Naja Chinyere Njoku, the founder of DNA Tested Africans Organization. They have known each other for years. In fact, she contacted him years ago when she learned that she has Igbo ancestry. They never knew they were related.

DNA Has Memory.

He is a pioneer in the building of the village and the re-connection program in so many ways.

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"I am honored to call him Papa" ~~ AdaEze Naja Chinyere Njoku

On the image above is Ichie Akuma Kalu Njoku and his lovely wife, Professor Nnennaya "Nina" Njoku


More DNA Testing Success!!

Chief Bernard Okwelogu also DNA tested with

He is Igbo of Ozubulu in Anambra State, Nigeria. He met AdaEze Chinyere during the Igbo naming ceremony at the Igbo Village in Staunton, Virginia. He saw the African Americans receive their ancestral names from the Ezes of Igboland.

At that point they become Igbo American and he was very impressed. He requested a DNA kit and now he is on a continuous journey of discovery.

Chief Okwelogu has 2,400 DNA matches!! They are his family that he never knew he had. He was so compelled by his results that he took 2 DNA kits with him to Nigeria. He tested one family member from each branch of his family and has since discovered EVEN more DNA matches.

Several other Royals have DNA tested from various African countries. We are awaiting the results.