DNA Testing and The Next Steps

African Greetings Family!

I hope you all are doing well. Several of you have asked questions about your next steps after you have received your Autosomal DNA test results. Here are a few helpful tips. As always, these are ONLY tips. You must research for yourself and decide if they are useful to you. We will NEVER tell you what you must do. It is completely YOUR decision.

If you have taken the Autosomal DNA (AtDNA) test at 23andme.com , Ftdna.com or Ancestry.com , you can upload your DNA raw data to Gedmatch.com for FREE to find more DNA matches. You just need to register at Gedmatch.com . Instructions on how to download your DNA raw data are available on Gedmatch.com for all of the DNA companies mentioned above. After you log in to Gedmatch, Click on "Generic Upload Fast". Then select the company that you used.

The advantage of this is that several thousands of people have uploaded there as well. This may save you some money. An extra plus is that MANY of us have found Africa born DNA matches on Gedmatch !!

You will be able to email your DNA matches and research with them in hopes to determine if they match you on your mother's side or your father's side of the family. PLEASE, DO NOT SEND MASS EMAILS TO YOUR DNA MATCHES ON GEDMATCH . It is against their rules.

What are mass emails? In regards to their rules, it is when we send one email to more than one person at a time. You are required to compose ONE email for ONE DNA match. Then compose a NEW email for another DNA match. This is very important.

Family, please don't try to be slick and send the email to one person and blind Cc a lot of folks. That is still considered a mass email. If someone sends you a mass email, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY ALL. That means you are also sending a MASS email. Report it by replying to the sender ONLY and add the following email to the CC line Gedmatch@gmail.com . Gedmatch will be notified.

If you send me a mass email from Gedmatch, I'm telling!! You all know how I am about abiding by the rules. (smile)

There's More

You can also upload your Autosomal DNA raw data to the following websites for FREE to find more family.

1. Ftdna.com

2. Myheritage.com

Keep checking back with us!! We will share any updates that we find on this message.


Words of Wisdom from the Founder

We are not "slaves" or "descendants of slaves". Please do not call us that. Please don't call yourself that. Our ancestors deserve better.

We are mothers, daughters, sisters and brothers that were ENSLAVED and taken to foreign lands. Many were ENSLAVED and scattered across our homeland on the African continent.

We know that words have power. We must say our ancestors' names. What do we call them if we do not know their names? What do we call them if we do not know who they were?

We call them our African Ancestors, never slaves. When we find out who they were, we learn their ancestral names. We receive OUR ancestral names. We say their names to honor them. The term slave has no honor.

We came from the same sun kissed land and were nourished by the same fertile soil as you. Our journey was difficult but we are now looking for you. We are excited that you are looking for us too. We are family.

We love you.

Our healing has begun...

Our story continues... Iseee!

~~AdaEze Naja Chinyere Njoku~~