Igbo Festival and Naming Ceremony 27-29 Jul 2017

The Igbo Festival and Naming to Remember!

Igbo Naming Ceremony 27-29 Jul 2017 in Staunton, Virginia at the Igbo Village.

Festivities begin 28-29 Jul 2017.

Igbo leaders and Royals from around the world will be there.

Join us as DNA Tested Igbo Descendants meet our actual relatives from Nigeria that have also DNA tested.

Coordinated by AdaEze Naja Chinyere Njoku of DNA Tested African Descendants.

Hosted by The Council of Igbo States in the Americas (CISA) . Click the link to Register for the Igbo Naming Ceremony https://tinyurl.com/IgboNaming2017 ~~

Take part in the Igbo Classes

1. Meet the Founding Fathers of the Igbo Village

2. Tour the Igbo Village

3. Take photos and videos inside the village

4. Igbo language classes

5. Classes for women ( how to cook igbo food, how to tie head tie, wrapper skirt, etc)

6. Classes for men

7. Age-mate classes for children

8. History classes

9. Learn How DNA testing can help you find family

10. Enjoy the various vendors (to register to be a Vendor, click Here )

and more

To learn more about the Council of Igbo States in the Americas and the history of the Igbo Festival , click here http://www.cisandiigbo.org/ ~~

Meet The DNA Tested African Descendants Leaders