Igbo Festival and Naming Ceremony 2017 Update 14 April 2017

Hello Family!

We are so excited about the upcoming Igbo Festival in Staunton, Virginia, 27-29 July 2017. Here are a few updates.

Click the image below to register to enter the Igbo Festival venue or click on the link. https://tickets.frontiermuseum.org/Info.aspx?EventID=9

1. There will be a few classes that you can sign up for during the festival. Enrollment for classes will be $10 each. This helps to pay for materials needed for the classes.

a) Igbo Language (learn the language of our ancestors)

b) Cooking Jollof Rice (we will eat what we prepare)

c) How to tie hair tie (hair ties will also be on sale)

and more

AdaEze Naja Chinyere Njoku requested that 10 slots be held for the DNA Tested African Descendants. Of course more are welcome to attend. Please send an email by clicking the image below if you wish to enroll in a class. Also, please advise the name of the class that you wish to attend. This is going to be fun!

2. The Miss Igbo / Ada Igbo USA Pageant

3. Vendors are welcome to come and sell their goods and services . Click the image below or click on the link to Register to be a vendor at this link https://tinyurl.com/CISAVendorRegistration

4. The Reconnection Ceremony will be conducted by Ichie Akuma Kalu Njoku on 28 Jul 2017. He will be meeting his DNA matches and introducing them to the Igbo culture.

Click the image below to read how he DNA tested and found over 2,700 people in the Diaspora. Because he KNOWS his ancestry, he was able to help ALL of these families to learn about theirs.

5. The naming ceremony will be on Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 in the Igbo Village compound. Stay tuned for exact time and any changes of dates and locations.

6. Meet the Igbos from around the world!! A Huge delegation of Igbos will also be coming from Mozambique as well this year.

7. Please read the update from the Festival Chairman of Council of Igbo States in the Americas (CISA) . Click the image below.

More info coming soon!!