Meet Dr. David Imhotep Jones at the Igbo Festival 27-29 Jul 2017

Hello Family!

I hope everyone is well. Come out and join us at the Igbo Village in Staunton, Virginia, 27-29 Jul 2017. We will all be together at the festival as we receive the new naming ceremony recipients and have some family reunions of DNA Cousins.

As many of you know, Dr. David Imhotep Jones wrote his book about the First Americans. Well, last year, he attended the Igbo Festival in Staunton, Virginia and received his Igbo name of Nnamdi. At the festival, he decided to DNA test.

He is now a DNA Tested African Descendant and we uploaded his DNA raw data to . He has MANY DNA matches on and . He is very excited about meeting his new family.

I spoke with him today and he sends his greetings. He said that he looks forward to meeting you all, especially his DNA cousins at the Igbo Festival from 27-29 Jul 2017.

Muhammad Ali and his nutritionist,

Dr. David Imhotep Jones

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the Igbo Festival 27-29 Jul 2017

If you are a DNA match with Dr. David Imhotep Jones, please click the image below and send him a message. Be sure to introduce yourself and explain why you are emailing him. Have fun with the re-connection!!

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