Finally! The Village is Back Together!

Hello Family!

How are you doing? We have a few events coming up and we have been asked about the family T-shirts. Well, here are the most recent designs.

The shirts are for our family gatherings. Please READ the terms and conditions BEFORE ordering your T-shirts.

Click on the link here or on the image below for details for this design.

We also have an Igbo Cousins ReUnited T-shirt for the Igbo Festival 27-29 Jul 2017 and ALL that have found they have Igbo ancestry. Click here or on the image below.

More designs are coming soon !!


When the family gathers, try serving some Jollof rice. It is West Africa's most beloved rice dish.

Jollof rice is a West African dish made with rice, tomatoes, chili peppers, other seasonings and meat or fish. Some people include vegetables in the rice. Many west African countries claim to have the best recipe. It is believed to have originated among the Wolof people of the Jollof Empire. No one knows for sure. It is the ancestor of American dishes like jambalaya.

Jollof Rice Wars ~~ Almost every West African country says their rice is the best so there has been an ongoing fun competition among the countries.

World Jollof Rice Day ~~ The 21st of August is World Jollof Rice Day

There are many recipes online for making it. Just google and enjoy!


Enjoy an African Film

Until next time...

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