PILA ~ The Association Created With Us In Mind

Hello Family!

We hope you all are doing well. We now have a DNA Descendants Branch of PILA (Progressive Igbo Leaders Association). This is an organization that the entire family can join!!

Membership is FREE

PILA DNA Descendants Branch Membership Requirements

1. Take an Autosomal DNA Test

2. Join Our Facebook Group

3. Have an Igbo DNA cousin match

4. Send an email with the name of your Igbo DNA cousin to the DNA Descendant Branch Coordinator

5. If you have not DNA tested and/or do not have an Igbo cousin, you can still join PILA ! Please send an email to the DNA Descendant Branch Coordinator and request Info.

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PILA is an Igbo socio-cultural non profit organization that promotes the social fabric and culture of Igbos as passed down from our ancestors. The Education Center is aimed at promoting the richness of Igbo language and culture via teaching and instruction, and provides an avenue of rich interaction among all Igbo children and others as well.

The continued existence of any language and culture depends on the ability to transfer them to the next and future generation. Our parents taught us what we seek to teach our children, who will transfer on the torch to their children. Our goal is not just to ensure that Igbo language is there for the future generation but also to ensure that the next generation will embrace the language and immensely rich culture of the Igbo with great pride.

The Mission of PILA is to

• Provide Igbo language and culture instruction to Igbo children and other interested individuals • Serve as a socio-cultural support organization to Igbo Community • Organize Igbo cultural activities and parties for Igbo children • Organize seminars and workshops for all Igbo young adults and children Activities of PILA The following activities will be the focus of PILA: • Instructions in Igbo Culture and Languages, including: o Family o Marriage o Births / Deaths, etc • Instructions in Igbo cooking and table manners • Home making/Grooming • Igbo social structure and customs • Respect and social interactions • Exposure to career/professional opportunities To help meet this purpose: PILA will: • Promote lasting friendship, understanding, justice, honesty, and promote cordial and fun relationship among members • Will solicit financial support to advance the activities listed above • Membership is open to Ndi Igbo (all Igbos) and friends who are interested in Igbo language and culture

• Members shall participate and support the meetings and activities of PILA

Build long-term character development that nurtures decent and healthy living Energize our young adults to make positive business decisions necessary for a successful and joyful life

Establish strong bonds among Igbo young adults – bonds that are borne out of social and economic networking with deep root in Igbo ancestral pedigree and affinity

Encourage national and international Igbo cultural exchange and programs Champion Igbo language and culture among all Igbo in social and cultural gatherings

The Specific Goals of PILA include: