The Next Big Thing From MyHeritage!

Hello Family!

I sure hope you are all doing well. I just want to give you an update on a few things. I mentioned before that I uploaded my autosomal DNA raw data to for FREE. I did so after I read the terms and conditions. Please do the same before using these sites. By the way, you can upload your autosomal DNA raw data from,, to for FREE.

As you know, each DNA testing website has their own DNA reference samples. So if you see on your DNA results that you have Cameroon / Congo but do not see it on My Heritage. Its OK. That may be covered under the Nigeria percentages. Keep in mind that the percentages are NOT exact. As the databases increase with more African DNA reference samples, the better the results will be.

Just think, when I started testing in 2008, I would have NEVER imagined being able to find so much information and actual DNA matches from Africa!!

Seems like things are coming full circle because I started building my family tree years ago on . Then I worked on's site . Now I can refine the research and manage all of the DNA kits on the one site. I still love what I learned from of course.

To learn more about the steps I take to get the most out of my DNA, click here or copy and paste this link . You must be a member of our Facebook Group in order to view it.

I really like the video that it provided me. If you want to see some Igbo DNA results, click here , select the link or click on the image below.


Until next time!!!

Naja Chinyere Njoku


Queen Mother (Nzumafo)

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