The Invisible Artifact ~ Something Amazing Happened

Last time, we told you about the Invisible Artifact and the white fog that covered the village in Igboland. It took many people. They disappeared.. (Click Here for Part 1).

Here is where the story continues….

A Dibia ( Spiritual Native Healer) is awakened from a dream. He performed an incantation and retrieved the artifact from its secret location. He took it to the Eze (King) and the Council of Elders. He reminded them of its history. He explained that the elders of each family was called to witness the extraction of the message and the Kola nut.

The message read

“Out of this Obama Nation, our people will return. Obi is Ibo, SC”.

It was a peculiar message.

Several scholars, at the University, were called to try to decipher its meaning. It was baffling. A Nigerian private investigator, named Emeka, was also contacted. He was preferred because he was aware of the modern day technology as well as the ancient customs of his people.

Something amazing happened….

When Emeka was taken to see the artifact, one of the symbols glowed !! It was a tree with the letters SC at the bottom of the tree. While discussing the meaning of the glowing symbol on the artifact, He found that Obinna (Obi), the young igbo man that was taken all of those years ago and he shared the same ancestor. They were family!

It was at that point that this investigation became a personal journey. His family member was taken by the white fog and he had to know what happened to him and the others. He never knew this part of his history. Many questions consumed him. Where are they now? What happened to them? Emeka had to know.

He contacted his long time friend Naja Chinyere because he knew she would be able to point him in the right direction. She lives in the United States and helps others to learn about their ancestry through DNA testing and family records research.

Emeka sent her a text message via Whatsapp. Naja Chinyere immediately responded

and then Emeka called her.

She said it seems like Obama Nation is the United States since our 44th President was President Barack Obama and that SC could mean South Carolina.

Emeka told Naja that Obi was his relative that was taken away by the white fog over 275 years ago. He told her that Obi was a young Igbo man. Igbo is sometimes spelled ibo.

The two of them deduced that the message

“Out of this Obama Nation, our people will return. Obi is Ibo, SC”.

Could mean that out of the United States of America, our people will return. Obi is Igbo and in South Carolina.

This revelation gave them both chills. Emeka sent Naja a picture of the symbol that glowed when he was near the artifact. Naja compared it to trees in SC and found that it is called the Angel Oak Tree. It is a very peculiar looking tree. No one seems to know why. Since there are no angels in Igbo cosmology, it was known as the Spirit Tree. It was believed to have Spirits inside of it. There were only a few like them in the whole United States.

They both agreed that South Carolina was the best place to start.

Emeka went back to the Dibia (Native Doctor) and told him what he found. The Dibia smiled and gave him a pouch with a few items in them to help him along the way.

He warned him that when he arrived at the tree, it will be guarded by an evil crow. The crow only had a hunger for the blood and Spirit of Africans. This creature could smell the ancient blood in the Africans and it held an amazing power that it wanted to control. So by eating them, he tried to take their power.

The Dibia told him that the evil crow would not be visible to the naked eye but when he chewed the Kola nut, he would see it take form. He gave him some alligator pepper and told him to eat it before he traveled and when he was near the tree. It blocks the evil crow from detecting his blood and gives him safe travel. This would allow him to move freely, and find the answers to his mysteries.

The Dibia gave him 3 charms that he may need on his journey. Emeka placed all of the items in the pouch he was given and thanked the Dibia for his words of wisdom.

He gathered his documents needed for flight and headed to the airport…..

Written By Naja Chinyere Njoku BS, MBA Née: C. Naja Levoe (Devoe),

Sergeant First Class (Retired), USA Army

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