Conference Call With Igbo DNA Match ~ Chief Bernard Okwelogu

Happy Saturday Family!

This is a reminder that there will be a Conference call with Chief Bernard Okwelogu this Sunday on 13 Aug 2017 at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time. If you match Hyacinth Okwelogu, Umunna Nwaneti or Chief Bernard Okwelogu, please attend the conference call. Chief DNA tested after observing our naming ceremony at the Igbo Festival in Staunton Virginia in 2016. He currently has over 2,800 DNA matches! He took 2 DNA kits with him to Nigeria and tested his brother (Hyacinth) and cousin (Umunna) . This is helping us so much with the reconnection!!

Please check your DNA matches , your and to see if you match them. Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to check for you.

In Case you missed the call, click this link to listen in :

If you wish to attend the conference call, please Click the image below and send us a message. We will then, email you the details about the conference call.

**This message was sent out to EVERYONE that has subscribed to our website. Please click the image below if you have questions. This is the ONLY method to respond to this message. Please don't message us on social media. We are managing the conference participants via this method for maximum notification.

Until Next Time!!

AdaEze Naja Chinyere Njoku BS, MBA Née: C. Naja Levoe

Founder, DNA Tested African Descendants

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