DNA Test Options, Indigenous African Results and More

African Greetings Family!

We hope you are all doing well. Let's start with a video of brother Saad Tafida . He is an Indigenous African that tested to learn about his ancestry and to find his family in the Diaspora. He is Fulani of Jalingo, Nigeria. (He will tell you more about that on the video so we don't want to spoil it).

As it turns out, he is my eldest daughter's DNA match on her father's side. She is able to watch these videos and learn more about a line of her culture and for that, we thank Saad tremendously! We need more like him to share and explore with us.

Here are his results

He then downloaded his DNA raw data from the website that he tested with. Then he uploaded to Gedmatch.com He speaks about that on this video. He found more relatives that NEVER knew their ancestry.

He uploaded the DNA Raw data to a few websites to find more family. Click here to see how to do it. https://www.dnatestedafricans.org/single-post/2017/07/13/Finding-More-DNA-Cousins-for-FREE

His Grandfather, the Emir of Muri in Nigeria

The Muri Emirate has had a total of 12 Emirs inclusive of the Millennium ruler Alhaji Abbas Tafida Njidda. Emirs of Muri in Nigeria. 1817 - 1833 Hamman Ruwa dan `Usman 1833 - 1848 Ibrahim dan Hamman Ruwa 1848 - 1861 Hamman dan Hamman Ruwa 1861 - 1869 Hamadu dan Bose (d. 1869) 1869 - 1873 Burba dan Hamman (d. 1892) 1873 - 1874 Abu Bakar dan Hamman Ruwa (d. 1874) 1874 - 1897 Muhammadu Nya dan Abi Bakar (d. 1896) 1897 - 1903 Hasan dan Muhammadu Nya (d. 1903) 1903 - 1953 Muhammadu Mafindi dan Muhammadu Nya (b. 1868 - d. *1953) 1953 - 1965 Muhamman Tukur dan Muhammadu Nya (b. 1883 - d. *25 Oct,1965) 6 November 1965 - 12 August 1986 Umaru Abba Tukur OFR (deposed) 13 July 1988 - to date HRH Alh Abbas Njidda Tafida OFR


BE ENCOURAGED!! More Indigenous Africans are testing and are looking for us as well ooo!!


Now, here is some info on the current sale prices for a few major DNA testing companies. You can click on each image to go to the website. So now, let's talk about the tests.


Everyone has asked, how do I get started on my DNA testing journey. This is a great place to start. Save this note because it is very useful to return to in the future.. Please read below.

We are NOT a DNA testing company. We do NOT sell DNA tests or profit from the sales of any tests. You must purchase the DNA test on your own. We simply explain what is available for YOU to research and determine what works for you. The information is provided by those of us that have DNA tested with EACH of the companies listed below.