Finding More DNA Cousins for FREE (Updated)

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Hello Family! We sure hope you all are doing well. We know that many of you that have taken the autosomal DNA test at , , or are waiting patiently for that breakthrough of finding an Africa DNA match.

Some of us are not being so patient. Logging into the accounts 7 to 10 times daily, yelling at folks because we can't find that match. Talking to ourselves AND responding.. Creeping up on your computer from the side, like agent 007.... Acting as if it is hiding that match from you. It's OK. We've been there too. Please read a book or go fishing or something Shuga. More people are testing. We have to be patient. It took some of us over 7 YEARS to get an Africa DNA match. Oh but when we did!!!!

Now, we are not going to lie to you. We all know that there is NO GUARANTEE that you will find an Africa DNA match. Here are some ways to widen the net though. These helpful options are steps that I have taken myself. They have proven to be very helpful especially since many people have DNA tested at one company and have elected NOT to test at another.

There is a place where your DNA raw data can go and meet up with other people's DNA raw data that tested at different DNA testing companies. You all can chillax for FREE!! OK.. Let me clarify.... Its like a meet up for ya raw data.

The goal is to upload your DNA raw data to the websites that you have not tested or to the sites like to help you compare shared segments on Chromosomes between you and others that have also uploaded.

AS ALWAYS ~~ RESEARCH THESE WEBSITES AND READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE UPLOADING TO THEM. *On each website where I have my DNA. This is my profile picture. It helps. You can also Upload a Profile Image to the sites asking your matches to upload their raw Data to .

1. Log in to the company that you took the autosomal DNA test with. This is the test that analyzes about 98% of your DNA that is from your mother's and your father's side of your family. , , or and go to DNA raw data.

2. Download the DNA raw data.

3. Rename the file to the name of the person that tested. This is VERY important!! Especially if you have more that one that you will download and it is coming from more than one company. Make each file name unique. I usually add the name and company tested on the end (examples or 23andme_AdaEze.Zip ) .

4. Save the file in a back up location because you will need it a few more times

5. Go to for FREE (register if you do not have an account)

6. Upload the DNA raw data to

7. Go to . Sign in with the same username and password that you created for your account. (This site has a BETTER DNA matching system and This is extremely important if you want to see if you match any of the African Royals of our African Royal DNA Project)

8. Upload the DNA raw there as well.

10. Go to for FREE (register if you do not have an account)

11. Upload the DNA raw data to

12. Go to for FREE (register if you do not have an account)

13. Upload the DNA raw data to

14. Go to DNA.Land for FREE (register if you do not have an account)

15. Upload the DNA raw data to DNA.Land

16. Go to (register if you do not have an account)

17. Upload the DNA raw data to

18. Go to and create an account. Verify the account creation via your email.

19. Opt out of Research if you wish and Upload your DNA Raw Data.

20. Create and Account at

21. Upload your or DNA Raw Data.

NEWEST UPLOAD OPTION VIEW is a more recent site to upload to. Here is a screenshot of my results from my DNA raw data upload which was FREE.

A closer look


Visit . You can send then your DNA Raw data to find out more about the ethnic groups that you match. See their website for more details. There is a fee for this .

SNP Analysis

(Grandparent Info Discount)

  • Discounted DNA Tribes SNP Analysis for customers choosing to provide grandparent countries of origin and allowing their data to be used when refining our algorithms.

  • After placing your order, send your raw SNP data file to along with the information of your grandparents' countries of origin and ethnicity (when known).

  • By placing the order you agree that you have (1) read the DNA Tribes SNP FAQ; (2) viewed Sample Results; and (3) read and accepted our Terms and Conditions.

  • Previous SNP Lab Work Required: Eligible data include autosomal genome raw data from 23andMe©, AncestryDNA™, or Family Tree DNA Family Finder™ tests (not affiliated with DNA Tribes®). 23andMe© is a copyrighted trademark of 23andMe, Inc ©. AncestryDNA™ is a trademark of the corporation. Family Tree DNA™ is a trademark of Gene by Gene, Ltd. DNA Tribes is not affiliated with 23andMe©, AncestryDNA™, or Family Tree DNA in any way


A Tool for Managing DNA Comparisons

Genome Mate Pro is an app to help manage the data collected from autosomal DNA research. Data is stored locally on the user’s computer, not in the cloud or on a server. It is available for the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

1. Install GenomeMate Pro for FREE at

2. Create a Profile for Each DNA tester

3. Upload all DNA Matches to GenomeMate Pro

4. Download the Genome Mate Pro User Guide

5. Follow the steps of the Guide and Notify DNA matches



DNA Kits are now $79 at Ancestry!! And if you buy more than one kit at the same time, each additional kit is $69 plus shipping at or (This is the same company)

No coupons needed.

See you soon with more great info!!

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