How to Email Your New DNA Matches (Updated 23 Mar 2018)

Happy New Month Family!

Happy Birthday to all celebrating this month!

We sure hope you are finding some great DNA matches.

Here are some helpful tips when making the 1st impression with your potential DNA match. Remember, may of your matches do not know you. They may have different cultures than you. ALWAYS be positive. You must give some info if you expect to receive info. Some people will NOT respond if the initial message is seems off or if it lacks proper info.



1. Start a family tree for FREE with the info that you are aware of. We understand that many are adoptees and cannot do this. Please clarify that in the email if you feel comfortable with sharing this info. Building the tree should be done BEFORE contacting a DNA match. You can do so at , , or ( Living people on the tree will not be shown to the public. Please verify with the website to make sure this feature still exists. )

2. Create an email address specifically for your DNA and ancestry research. That way, your personal email is not filled with messages.

3. Do NOT share your personal address, exact location and other info initially. ONLY share this info if YOU feel safe .

4. Please do the one to one comparison on and make sure that you match on at least 7 CMs and 700 SNPs BEFORE contacting a DNA match.

If you are checking on to compare a match, follow the guidelines in the image below

CLICK HERE for guidelines on Comparisons.

Never assume that it is OK or FUNNY to make up names for people. No Nicknames. The first impression is a lasting one. NOTHING is funny about messing up someone's name. If you don't know how to pronounce it, please ask. There is NO excuse in am email because you are simply copying and pasting. DO NOT Westernize ANY names of Africa. It is OFFENSIVE!!!!


UPDATE 23 Mar 2018

If you conducted a one to one comparison and the requirements have been met. Click Here


If you prefer to send an email, Here is a great template to copy and paste. Adjust the wording if you need to.

Hi (type the DNA match's name here) ,

My name is _______________ ( use a legal name) . I am excited to find that a DNA kit that you manage has been identified as a relative on one or more of my family's DNA match list. I hope that we can find out more about our common ancestor(s).

___________ ( name of the DNA match) took the DNA test with _________ (name of DNA testing company ). The kit number is ____________ . (type the Kit # if you know it)

I conducted a One to One comparison for the following DNA kits and here are the DNA chromosomes and segments shared with my family. Please see the screenshot of the comparison. (Copy and paste a screenshot, if you know it, if not, delete this section of the email)

This line (s) of the family lived in ( type in the city , county and state if known ).

Their family surnames are ( list the surnames )

Note: * Keep in mind that merely providing the state, does not help much. provide as much details as possible. Add the maiden names of the females if known.

Do you have a family tree online for comparison or can you tell me more about your family's surnames and their locations? </