Royal DNA Results Are In for Benin (Dahomey Kingdom)

Hello Family!

We hope you are doing well. Please check your accounts and your accounts for new DNA matches!! We are very thankful that Ada Anagho Brown, Founder and President of Roots to Glory Tours traveled to Allada, Benin to gather the DNA from Royals of the Dahomey Kingdom.

We are also thankful to AdaEze Naja Chinyere Njoku, Founder and President of DNA Tested African Descendants, a component of Imperial African History and Genetic Genealogical Society ( IAHGGS ) for managing the DNA kits and making notifications on behalf of the African Royals in several venues. The two of you are the Conductresses of TEAM AWESOME for the African Royal DNA Project !! African descendants in the diaspora are finding more about their African family because of the two of you. You are leading the way, providing services that NO ONE has before.

Great news! Two of the kits have finished processing for two Ayizo Royals. The kits have also been uploaded to Gedmatch , Genesis by Gedmatch and MyHeritage. There is an issue with uploading to FTDNA. We have been told that they are working on it and it will be a few weeks.

Prior to contacting the project manager, please make sure you have conducted a one to one comparison in Gedmatch to confirm that the kits are at least 7 CMS and 700 SNPs.

If you upload your DNA Raw data to , matches will appear on your list. If you see the Royal names are on your list, conduct a one to one comparison to make sure the CMS are at least 7 and the SNPs are at least 700.

Please read this article on the most effective method to communicate with your DNA matches. Click Here . Family we need complete thoughts in our communications. This will show you how.

The Ayizo people are also called Ayizo, Gbe, Ayzo. Most of the Gbe peoples have come from the east to their present dwelling-places in several migrations between the tenth and the fifteenth century. Some of the Phla–Pherá peoples however are thought to be the original inhabitants of the area who have intermingled with the Gbe immigrants, and the Gen people probably originate from the Ga-Adangbe people in Ghana. In the late eighteenth century, many speakers of Gbe were enslaved and transported to the New World. It is believed that Gbe languages played some role in the genesis of several Caribbean creole languages, especially Haitian Creole.

The completed DNA kits that we have are as follows:

1. Houanlokonon Deka is of the Ayizo People of Dahomey Kingdom in Allada, Benin. See his results below.

Both of his parents are of the Ayizo people.

2. Midjonon Gbedokpossi is of the Ayizo People of Dahomey Kingdom in Allada, Benin. See his results below.

Both of his parents are of the Ayizo people. He has quite a few DNA matches in South Carolina. He is the first of the African Royal DNA that we tested to have a SC genetic community.

Click the image below for the quickest way to check to see if you are a match to ANY of the African Royal DNA Project kits that we manage. Or click this link

Here is some info about the Dahomey Kingdom