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Happy New Month!

We would like to congratulate all of the DNA Tested African Descendants that traveled to Nigeria in November 2017. They all received an Igbo name in Igboland and a Yoruba name in Yorubaland.

The image shows them all holding their naming ceremony certificates while standing with His Majesty, Eze Eri 34th, Eze Aka Ji Ovo Igbo. He is the king of Eri Kingdom. This is his Facebook page.

While in Nigeria, Princess Ada Anagho Brown, President of Roots to Glory Tours collected more Igbo and Yoruba DNA as a part of our African Royal DNA Project. The autosomal DNA tests are currently at the lab processing. When the results are in, AdaEze Naja Chinyere Njoku, Founder and President of DNA Tested Africans, will upload the DNA raw data to , and . Notifications will be posted when they are ready for family matching research. Time to find more family!!

Here is a helpful tool to help you to determine relationship probabilities (based on stats from The DNA Geek). If you have taken an Autosomal DNA test that provides the CMs ( Centimorgans ), you can use this tool to see how closely you are related to your DNA match.

The following video was sent to me from an Igbo Chief regarding Bishop T. D. Jakes. Bishop Jakes' DNA results revealed that he is Igbo. He is proud of his ancestors and his Igbo DNA.

He explains the comparison of the self sufficient and determined Igbos, thus why they were “called” the black Jews. He knows he is all African. He sits even taller when he talks about his African ancestors. I love it !!!

Autosomal DNA tests can be great holiday gifts. They are extremely useful if you wish to find family. If you are interested in Autosomal DNA testing anyone or giving them DNA kits as a gift, there are some great sales going on now. Companies like , and have awesome Autosomal DNA sales.

Until next time !!

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