Royal Igbo DNA Results Are In for Iduu Eri Kingdom !

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We hope you are all getting ready for the cold weather. As you know, a group of DNA tested Igbo Descendants traveled to Nigeria with Ada Anagho Brown, Co- Founder of the African Royal DNA Project in November. She is also the President of Roots to Glory Tours. Her company managed the tour. While there, DNA was gathered from Royals and members of Iduu Eri Kingdom. They are of the Ezeora Clan. The visitors had an amazing time in Igboland and Yorubaland.

Meanwhile, Naja Chinyere Njoku, Co-Founder of the African Royal DNA Project and President of DNA Tested African Descendants, manages the DNA kits for the Project. Several of the DNA kits have finished processing at . It is a wonderful experience to find the actual kingdom where one of your ancestors may have come from. It is even more exciting to find a relative that still lives there.

If you'd like to find out if you match anyone from our African Royal DNA Project, please click on the image below and follow the steps or click here .


We Need Your Help

If you have been notified that you or a kit that you manage is a DNA match to any of the testers of our African Royal DNA Project, we want to hear some feedback from you.

Please send us an email letting us know how finding your Africa born relative has impacted your life. Please share a message for your DNA match on the email. We would like to forward your email to your DNA matches so it can be read to them. Some of them do not speak English so it will be translated when we receive it. In 2018, we will coordinate more calls or contact between you and your cousin, one on one.

Click the image below to send us the message. Your cousin would love to hear from you. Thanks


We'd like to wish AdaEze (Princess) Naja Chinyere Njoku

a Happy Birthday!!!

20 December 2017

Thanks for all that you do!!


Listen to this powerful song. It is called "I am King".

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