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Great things are happening this month. More African Descendants are finding their relatives from the motherland. We are encouraging more Continental Africans to test from various ethnic groups. Even Chadwick Boseman AKA The Black Panther, encourages DNA testing!

African Royal DNA Project Update

We are awaiting DNA results from the following ethnic groups:

Dendi people, Goun/Gun people and the the Seto Gbe people of Benin.

The Dendi Kingdom (1591–1901) was a West African state in modern-day Niger founded by the Songhai people after the collapse of the Songhai Empire. Derived from the Songhai language, the term "Dendi" translates to "down the river."

The Dendi and the Shongai descend from the ancient Kingdom of Za, whose presence has been recorded since the eighth century between the towns of Kukiya and Gao in modern Mali.

The Goun people, also known as Gun or Egun who are related to the Adja, are concentrated around Porto Novo, Benin.

If you have NOT Seen the Black Panther movie,

You are Missing a GREAT Film!!

There is so much to be said about this film. The actors were PERFECT. There were so many familiar African American Hollywood icons that we know and love.

This is much more than a film. It is an experience. It is the concept of an uncolonized Africa that is technologically advanced beyond our imaginations. It is exactly what we needed to SEE and experience. The Black Panther smashes box office records and Hollywood myths.

The film was written and directed by Ryan Coogler. He is an African American from Oakland, California. He is known for his films called Fruitvale and Creed.

In addition to the powerful African and African Diaspora representation, it shows what we can achieve in Hollywood and the world.

T'Challa, the Black Panther, is played by Chadwick Boseman of Anderson, South Carolina. His AfricanAncestry.com DNA test revealed that he is Limba of Sierra Leone. He encourages us to take the DNA test and learn where we came from!

He has also starred in lead roles as James Brown in the film called "Get on Up". He played the role of "Thurgood Marshall" and "Jackie Robinson" as well as "Thoth".

Various cultures around the world are putting on their traditional attire and going to see this film. It allows all nations to stand up and be proud of their rich heritage and customs. It shows that there is NOTHING wrong with holding on to the positive traditions while moving forward in a technologically advances world.

Click Here to download the Black Panther Activity Packet

Source: http://movies.disney.com/black-panther

The film gives RESPECT and DIGNITY to the term "Tribe" . Many African Elders feel that the term is primitive and it means that there is a backwards lifestyle.

Not in Wakanda!


The Kingdom of Wakanda is made up of 4 tribes having their own leaders or chiefs. All are under ONE King, T'Challa, the Black Panther. Each tribal leader manages their own people internally. The same leaders or chiefs of the tribes meet with T'Challa, the king when there are decisions to be made for Wakanda. This is called the Royal Council.

The History of Wakanda

Family Tree of the Black Panther

In Kenya!!

In South Korea

It is noteworthy that after seeing the film, many South Korea started wearing their traditional Korean attire .

In London

It is clear that a lot of historical and scientific research was conducted in order to add to the authenticity of this film.

A panther is a black leopard. There are many REAL leopard societies in Africa!

The Ekpe Society is one.

This image is the Igbo translation of "Black Panther".

The Wakanda Greeting

The X is formed across the chest after the hand clasp.

In Ikom ( a written language in Nigeria ) the X means leopard.

Again, a panther is a Black Leopard. Now that is Deeeeeep!

See the written Ikom script below.

In Nsibidi ( a written language in Nigeria ) the X means love and Unity.

The Black Panther film is encouragement of what Africa and the world could be if we work together for a common goal.

After watching this film, my DNA results have changed! Maybe it was the Vibranium that did it!!

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