What's New With DNA Tested Africans in March 2018

Happy New Month Family!

Happy Birthday to all celebrating your birthday in the month of March!

Guess what!

MyHeritage.com now has a new feature that allows One-to-Man Chromosome Browsing! So all you need to do is upload your DNA raw data to MyHeritage for FREE and explore your matches. If you took the Autosomal DNA test on their website, just log into your account, select DNA and "Chromosome Browser" . Click the image before for details from MyHeritage.


You can also download your entire list of DNA matches from MyHeritage.com for FREE!!

1. Log into your account (Upload your raw data for FREE)

2. Click on DNA and the drop down menu will appear

3. Select the DNA matches

4. Select the name of the person you are referring to

5. Select "Advanced Options"

6. Select 'Export entire DNA Matches list"

7. Locate file on your computer and begin your additional research.

8. Send message through MyHeritage to your DNA matches


DNA results are available on www.Genesis.Gedmatch.com , www.Gedmatch.com and www.MyHeritage.com

Follow the steps on this link to see if you match DNA kits in the African Royal DNA Project. CLICK HERE.


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Click Here to download the Black Panther Activity Packet

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Download and print this Free e-booklet and write down the details for your family tree. Click on the image below or CLICk HERE

Other FREE methods to build your family tree online

1. Create a FREE account at www.MyHeritage.com

2. Create a FREE account at www.Familysearch.org


Register for the Igbo Naming Ceremony

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