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Recently we have had some serious allegations against the work that we do both in Africa and in America. We choose to take this time and use it as a teaching tool. When someone violates our social media group guidelines and is removed, there is no REASON to make up such negative claims. When allegations are made, one should have proof and also explain EVERYTHING that transpired prior to being REMOVED from our forums. We have SCREENSHOTS of the rants.

Please keep in mind that it took many of us over 7 years to find an African DNA match. Using patience is a MUST. Sending messages to kit managers by email, through Facebook messenger and via ancestry back to back will not speed up the process. In fact, it slows it down. Using a different name in the communication does not help either. If we do not provide an immediate response, threatening via email that one will report us to the FBI, Homeland Security and Facebook as well as other agencies does NOT force us to respond any faster either. This actually happened ! This behavior is unacceptable and as you well know, against our guidelines. Instead READ more .. LEARN more and be patient.

A person by the name of Christian Chaisson or Carl Chaisson has been actively trolling on Social Media and email. He is making accusations that Ada is not an African Princess and that Roots to Glory Tours is a scam to get money from African Americans who want to re-connect to their roots but in his own words alleged that African Americans are from America and he has "tribal affiliations" in his state. He has posted many troubling remarks in DNA groups about Ada and Naja.

As many of you know, in 2017 with a partnership between Princess Ada Anagho Brown and Princess Naja Chinyere Njoku Eri, we began collecting African Royal DNA samples from Continental Africans both in the USA and Africa. All were BORN on the continent of Africa. We do so using the close connection we have to the Kingdoms of Bamoun, Porto Novo, Alladah and Eri Kingdoms. The Royals have confidence in the work that we do and support our efforts to re-connect the Africans to the Diaspora. It is because of the desire among Africans in the Diaspora to know more about their family that we embarked on this work.

During the year, we have collected over 100 DNA samples and made the data available on Ancestry DNA and Gedmatch. Never during the time we have been doing this work have we asked for money or taken any money for the work. The travel we do to Africa is done at our expense, the kits are donated, the follow up work to enter all the kits and keep track of the data is done on our dime.

We have had requests from people who want to travel to Africa to the regions that appeared on their DNA results. As time went on, more people found African matches from our project and/or 1st and 2nd Generation Africans that have tested on their own. Requests to travel to increased. Ada answered the cal to meet the needs.

Because we were getting a lot of requests for additional information on the matches and Kingdoms, we started a private facebook group called Royal DNA Matches in order to help them to better understand their matches. It was at a great risk because we did not want to expose the Africans matches to the public scrutiny on social media. We have since archived the group because Christian/Carl Chaisson who does not fully identify him or herself was adamant that one of the matches on our network was a cousin from New Orleans whereas the truth is that he is a Continental African from the Bamoun Kingdom in Foumbot, Cameroon. This royal’s picture in now all over the internet in various Facebook groups including DNA detectives and Ancestry Matches as a fraud. Posting the picture of the Royal in public venues such as these was and is against the guidelines of the African Royal DNA Project.

From the very beginning, Roots to Glory Tours which is a business of re-connecting Africans in the Diaspora to the continent by providing trips to their country of their ancestors was developed because of the love for the Continent and its children.

There were several allegations and slanderous remarks that could be addressed. We will address a few and allow you to see the real work that we do. We have NO reason to scam anyone. This is our history and our re-connection as well.

Mr or Ms Christian / Carl Chaisson has alleged the following about the African Royal DNA Project:

1. We are DNA testing African Americans and if their DNA is 100% African, we are claiming they are Royals from Africa.

Response: Every person that has tested with us in our African Royal DNA Project was born on the continent of Africa. There are ways to verify this. We have family tree information for those that tested as well as their consent to manage their DNA.

2. We are making false claims that the DNA we are uploading to Gedmatch and other sites are from African Royalty.

Response: We have relationships with every single Kingdom that these DNA tests have been acquired. We believe that the Royal families in any village has some of the oldest DNA sample of that said village and they also have more family lineage details that we can document for their matches to view.

3. We are in the business of promoting Roots to Glory Tours to those who match the African Royals with the hopes that they travel to Africa.

Response: We started the African Royal DNA project so that everyone would have a chance to know who their relatives in Africa are. We have had many people ask us to help them travel to meet their matches. We do not actively recruit people from African Royal DNA just so they can go on a trip.

4. Ada Anagho Brown is not a Princess.

Response: My father is a tribal Chief of Ngwo, Cameroon so therefore I am a Princess

5. Regarding Princess Naja Chinyere Njoku Eri's name.

Response: Naja was given the title of Princess by His Majesty Eze Chukwuemeka Eri (Eri Kingdom, Nigeria). She was also received into Eri Kingdom as an Igbo daughter of the kingdom. She was given her Igbo name as a part of her naming ceremony and re-connection years ago. This naming ceremony is documented with the Royals. His Majesty authorized us to DNA test his family members in Eri Kingdom. He is very active in the re-connections. Princess Chinyere has been re-connected with His Majesty Eze Eri and his kingdom since 2011. This is a certificate given to her by His Majesty himself. HE brought it with him and signed and dated it in her presence. Yes, HE even travels to America to meet more of us.

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