How to Check for African Royal DNA Matches 2019 ~ Update

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Quick Recap

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In 2017, Princess Naja Chinyere Njoku Eri, the Founder of DNA Tested Africans and Princess Ada Anagho Brown, the Founder of Roots to Glory combined forces to create African Royal DNA. We Autosomal DNA test Royals and their extended families as well as Titled Africans and their extended families, born on the continent of Africa. We reconnect them with DNA Tested African Descendants in the Diaspora. We coordinate naming ceremonies and other reconnection events. Our African ancestors lived in kingdoms. The kingdoms extend beyond the current day geopolitical boundaries now called African countries. We are working diligently with the kingdoms via Autosomal DNA testing, to successfully locate living family members of the African Diaspora. We are also working to provide more information about the Kingdoms they live in today.

The DNA Kits are managed by Imperial African History and Genetic Genealogical Society (IAHGGS) also known as DNA Tested African Descendants. We are NOT a DNA testing company. We either purchase the kits ourselves or other amazing people purchase them and donate them for the project.

If you would like to find out if you match any of the African Royals that we tested, please see the instructions below. Please read ALL of the info provided to ensure that you fully understand how the project works. If you have any questions after reading the details below, you are welcome to email us.

A Message From DNA Tested Nigerian Nollywood Ambassador

Finding African Royal DNA Matches on Gedmatch

In order to participate, you MUST take the Autosomal DNA that provides your DNA raw data file and a family DNA matching services. Companies that provide this type of test are,,, and . You must log into your account and download the DNA raw data file. Then upload it to . There are videos available on Youtube that explain how to download the DNA raw data and upload it to .

If you have already taken the Autosomal DNA test and uploaded your DNA raw data to Gedmatch or Genesis, you can check to see if you match any of the African Royal DNA kits that I manage. Always read the terms and conditions or the websites BEFORE uploading your DNA raw data or using it.

Here's How

Instructions Updated 5 Mar 2019

Family, please check for African Royal 👑 DNA 🧬Project Matches that we tested in 2017 and prior .

1. Conduct a one-to-many comparison . Look in your match list in the email column for our email address

2. If you see a match with that email , click on the letter “A in the column to Conduct a one to one comparison.

3. Take a full page screenshot (this is a picture of your results) which must include the Matching segments and the name or code of the two people being compared . Please do NOT send us your DNA raw data.

4. Complete this form.

5. Per the group guidelines, please do not inbox me on social media. Email your questions

***For security and Privacy Purposes, posting any info or images of the Royals in Social Media is prohibited. This includes inboxing or messaging.***


If you found an African Royal DNA Match on, click the image below for your next step to complete our form.


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