Igbo Naming Ceremony 23 Feb 2019 in McDonough, Georgia

African Greetings!

Over the past few years, many have requested that we conduct an African naming ceremony in the Atlanta, Georgia Area. We are excited to say that we have scheduled an Igbo Naming Ceremony on 23 February 2019 in MCDonough, Georgia, USA. If you have found that you have Igbo ancestry, you are welcome to register for the naming. You will have an opportunity to meet the Founder of DNA Tested African Descendants, Co-Founders of the African Royal DNA Project and Igbo Elders, Royals and others of the Igbo community here in America.

We have been informed by the Council of Igbo States in the Americas (CISA) that the following will be in attendance. Dr. NwaChuwku Anakwenze, the Onowu, Ichie "Ticha" Dr. Akuma Kalu Njoku, the Founding Father of the Igbo Village, USA and Mr. Amadiebube Mbama, President of the Council of Igbo States in the Americas ( CISA ), his amazing wife Claudia, Members of PILA Progressive Igbos Leaders Association, as well as members of the Council of Igbo States in the Americas.

We will have an opportunity to speak with our elders and learn some Igbo culture.

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