More African DNA Kits Have Processed!

African Greetings Family!

Thanks for subscribing! We are the Imperial African History and Genetic Genealogical Society. A component of our Society is DNA Tested Africans. Through this component, we reconnect Continental Africans ( people born on the continent of Africa ) with their families in the Diaspora.

We are excited to share with you that more African Autosomal DNA kits have processed. We have tested more Autosomal kits from the Ghana, Benin and Togo regions. The results are back! You have an opportunity to check to see if you match them. This is a FREE service that is available to African Descendants that are searching for their families born in Africa.

The Concept

Many of our African Ancestors were taken from Africa in chains. Our goal is to facilitate a memorable reconnection with our Continental African family members in a manner that restores dignity. Its a ROYAL uplifting mindset of humbleness and reflection that we do this. We are far more than what we were told. We are far older as well.

Our crowns have been bought and paid for. All we have to do is wear them. ~ James Baldwin

Over the past years, we have tested several Continental Africans ( people born on the continent of Africa ) . They want to meet and connect with us in the Diaspora. We test the following.

  • African Bloodline Royals and their extended families

  • African Titled Royals and their extended families

  • African Village Chiefs and their extended families

  • African Clan Leaders and their extended families

  • (Expanded in 2018 to include) Africans Born on Our Ancestral Continent of Africa and have recently immigrated abroad

How to Check to See If Your DNA Matches Our Kits

*Always read the terms and conditions of all of the websites BEFORE using them*

1. If you have already uploaded your DNA raw data from your Autosomal DNA kit from,,, or to the website or , please log into your Genesis account and conduct a one-to-many comparison . Look in your match list in the email column for our email addresses or or . 2. If you see a match with the above emails , click on the letter “A" in the column to Conduct a one to one comparison. This is required. 3. Take a full page screenshot (this is a picture of your results) which must include the Matching segments and the name or code of the two people being compared . Please do NOT send us your DNA raw data or a screenshot of your DNA percentages. 4. Complete this required form . 5. Per the group guidelines, please do not inbox us on social media. Email your questions

***For security and Privacy Purposes, posting any info or images of the Africans that we have tested in Social Media is prohibited. This includes inboxing or messaging.***


We are NOT a tour company. We NEVER have been. We do not conduct any tours. We are not a "for profit" entity. We are a Non Profit Organization.

How to Get Involved

If you know a Continental African, talk to them about finding family. Catch a sale or two at,, and buy some kits. Give them a kit to test. Help them activate their kits, take the test and guide them through the process. Be a part of the reconnection.


1). This is NOT a business, power struggle or a competition. We can all pitch in to reunite families. Be mindful of those that take on this type of behavior.

2) NEVER Post images, names and private information about your DNA match on social media without permission. This includes messages, texts, emails etc. We are sure you would not want someone to post your info in social media as well.

Live Your Best Life!