African Reconnections and Citizenship


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  There are so many exciting things happening with reconnections back home in Africa.  It is paramount for us to KNOW the ACCURATE Info and SEE the possibilities.  We have been received in a ROYAL manner!  Various individuals and organizations are working hard behind the scenes to make our Homecoming memorable.  We are striving to be reunited back with the families that our ancestors were stripped from all of those years ago.  It is happening!  Every positive bit helps! ~~




Here Are a Few Updates





In 2016, 34 African Americans received citizenship in Ghana.   In 2019, 200 African Americans will also receive citizenship in Ghana 🇬🇭!


Read More About it Here 








We recall citizenship given some years ago in Sierra Leone to a celebrity as a result of DNA Testing with African Ancestry.  Watch the video below. 


In 2019,  8 African Americans Received Citizenship in Sierra Leone as a result of DNA Testing with African Ancestry.  See the video below about how it all happened. 




Read More about it here







Dynast Amir received citizenship in Nigeria and was coronated as a Prince.  Watch the video below.






Watch Dr. Ameera receive in Benin and was coronated as a Princess.  Watch the video here.






Dr Speights was received in Benin and was Coronated as a Prince.  Read about it here







More can happen for us if we continue to work together and share ACCURATE information.   Organization and Professionalism is a great idea to afford these seeds an opportunity to grow and spread.  Having a streamlined process for requesting information from various African countries that are receiving us is MOST important.  Say NO to any form of tribalism or discrimination.  ~~


Remember...  Its not a competition...





















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