Assisting the Family with African DNA Related Questions

Hello Family,

We hope you all are well. We had an amazing time this weekend at the naming ceremony. We will share those details via a different communication.

In the Meantime, here are a few tips to help us so we can better assist you. We would love to speak with you all but unfortunately we cannot. We have provided methods to contact us via email or our website. When sending us communications /questions, please check your spam and your inboxes for responses. We are of . You can add this domain to your approved senders contacts in your email. This will prevent our messages from going into your spam.

Some of the questions we receive are because the forms were not fully read. We would love to clarify info on the form for you. However, In some cases, we will refer you back to the instructions as stated on each form.

To expedite responses we need the following ;

When emailing , please fully state who you are ( your legal name ) and send a full page screenshot of any previous communications or registrations.

Unfortunately, we have received usernames, nicknames or Facebook names that do not match with the names or emails that you used to register on our forms. We cannot research this to figure out who you are. Sending multiple emails on the same subject will delay responses .

We will not call numbers provided in your messages. A paper trail of communications is what we use to track our communications so please email for a response.

Please follow the steps on our forms. If you do not , it will delay responses and forms will be rejected. I can surely try to help with the accurate amount of correct info.

Advisory : If you did not upload the FULL Page screenshot to us on our form, regarding an African DNA Project match’s Gedmatch one to one comparison, I cannot process your form.

Click the above image to contact us.

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