Using Other DNA Websites to Find African Royale DNA Matches ~ December 2019


Hello Family,

We hope you are all doing well. As of 9 December 2019, we were informed of the changes to the terms and conditions of the website called

We have removed all African DNA kits in our project from until further notice.

As we have always stated, read the terms and conditions of the websites that you are considering. This is a link that contains the new terms as well as their partnership with Verogen and

Our mission is to reconnect the African Diaspora with their families born on the continent of Africa. We will provide more details as we receive them.

What Can We Do Now?

You can check for matches through, and/or If you have taken the Autosomal DNA test at, simply search through your match list to see if you match any kits that we manage. If you do, send a message through ancestry for a response.

If you have tested at other Autosomal testing companies, you can upload your DNA raw data to or for FREE to find matches. If you find that you match one of our kits, you will simply send a message through either website. Sending messages to your DNA matches through the above websites is free.

In the Meantime

We are working within the DNA testing community for a centralized secure location where kits can be uploaded and compared for matching for Genetic Genealogical purposes. We will update you as we receive more info. Until then, all of the aforementioned options are available.

Here's the link again for your info.

This Week Only: DNA Uploads Are Completely Free Forever at (Including All Advanced DNA Features!)

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