Igbo Descendant Association (PILA)

Hello Family,

It’s Chief (Nze) Naja Chinyere Njoku Eri (Ayanwu Ututu) aka Princess Naja. Happy New Year! The journey to Igboland in Nigeria was amazing! I DNA tested 18 more Igbos. More great news about it later.

The Founder of PILA (Progressive Igbo Leaders Association) has extended an invitation for DNA Tested Igbo Descendants to join.

If you have Igbo ancestry / Igbo DNA cousins you are invited to join the PILA Royal Association . The founder is Kanayo. She is an Igbo leader, born in Nigeria. She resides in Maryland and holds free Igbo Language classes in Baltimore. Some of us have been a member for some years now .

Please see the registration form which contains the expectations of all members.

Please read the registration form carefully before deciding to join. Copy and paste.the link if clicking on it does not work. https://forms.gle/Sjg8Df6McGeLxJBRA 🌍

Clarification About the Whatsapp Platform: The registration form includes a link to the WhatsApp platform. It is for Igbo members of the PILA organization. It is not a public social media group . We are a mature, serious Igbo cultural organization registered here in the USA with 501c3 status. Our goal is to share and enjoy our rich culture, language and customs. When you join the organization, you must also join the Whatsapp platform. Upon joining the WhatsApp group, you will not see any posts made prior to joining. Organization information will be provided to you.

More Info: The WhatsApp platform is for the members of PILA Royal 👑 Igbo Association ONLY. It connects you with Igbo Royals from around the world, especially Nigeria . The free WhatsApp platform is used to communicate with us and provide us with information about our upcoming Igbo events and culture. Random postings are not permitted. Strictly PILA organization info is permitted.

Here are a few pictures of some of our members.

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