Community Service Announcements and Tips For DNA Tested African Descendants 23 March 2020

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Our Directorate of Information Management has created a link for updates with helpful Info and tips as we make it through these trying times regarding the coronavirus. We will update info as it is received and/or clarified . 📚 . Many of your questions are answered at the above link.

In addition to our black owned business links and helpful tips, we’ve added some weekly yoga classes as well as weekly drumming classes using the zoom app. There are links with details about free Instagram live concerts as well as a section of things to do at home. We will continue to add info to the link as we receive it.

As of 23 March 2020, the annual Igbo Festival in Staunton, Virginia is still a go. Updates will be provided on any changes . See the press release


Please complete the 2020 Census. It’s required . You can complete it online in 10 minutes or less. See the video for instructions.

After watching the video, please visit this link to complete the census


African Travel and Reunion plans have been suspended until further notice. As a result of current events, we have added more African DNA kits back to

We will make a determination if we will add more and if we will continue using Gedmatch. You are welcome to search the database using the instructions on the link below to see if you match any kits that we manage. The link below includes step by step instructions on how to check for African matches on Gedmatch as well as how to submit your match screenshots. Please read the instructions careful before replying to this message. That helps us with time management. Your question may already be answered on the link..

*Reminder that the Africans kits are still on and . As stated above some have been added back to Gedmatch. You can still search and for the same matches .


A New Option

We will send notifications out regarding upcoming video teleconferences . This is a 2020 pilot service that we will make available for questions regarding our services and helpful tips. Please consider signing up for the zoom app at and install it for free.

The next Yoga class is 28 March at 10:55 EST. After installing zoom, see this link

Remain Calm and Happy

The next African Drumming class will be 29 March 12:55 PM EST.

Let’s try to remove as much stress as possible. Let’s stay in touch. Enjoy life!!

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We are resilient people. Stay in contact with someone and remember, it takes a village. Much love Family.

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