A Review of the Igbo Naming and Annual Igbo Festival by Da Lylicent


The Naming and Festival was awesome ! https://tinyurl.com/African-DNA-News

This is a Message from Da Lylicent about our Igbo Ceremonies and Annual Igbo World Festival 31 July 2021. Igbo is sometimes spelled Ibo , Eboe , Hebo or Heeboh by non Igbo speakers.

My King His Majesty ChukwuEmeka Eri of Eri Kingdom in Aguleri, Anambra State in Nigeria blessed the occasion and all that participated . It was unforgettable .

Some DNA Tested African Descendants were able to meet their living Nigeria born cousins for the first time during this event. It was very heart warming . This is because our Founder, Chief Naja Chinyere Njoku Eto traveled to Nigeria and tested them herself.

Da Lylicent Ogbuagu asked that we share this video with you.

To register for our naming rite of passage . We reconnect you to the culture , language abs experieces that are a continuous journey . We are reconnectibg families !! https://tinyurl.com/Naming-Rites

To learn about our organization , visit www.dnatestedafricans.org

We provided private experiences and some that can be displayed publicly. See the live stream of the public portions.


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