Ancestral Naming Ceremonies for 1st Quarter 2021

Greetings Family !

I hope you are all safe. This is the link for 2021 1st Quarter Virtual Namings .

~ What’s New ? You can register for multiple ceremonies on 1 form. After you register, you will be invited to our private Telegram platform specifically for your naming, and more Perks !! There will be a Tikar Naming, A Yoruba Naming, and an Igbo Naming in the first quarter. This is because they are the most requested. We will add more in 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter.

How to Search African DNA Matches in Our Project

1. Log in to and select ‘one to many’ comparison or just click on your blue highlighted gedmatch kit number .

2. You will see a list of your DNA matches . Search your DNA match list for email on your match list . If you do not see this email on your match list, do not proceed to the next step. You do not match a kit that we manage.

3. If you see email on your match list , continue with this step. Click the letter “A’ to compare one to one. DO NOT CHANGE ANY OF THE PRESET PARAMETERS. Complete the one to one comparison . It will display the names of both people being comparing and the matching chromosomes.

4. Take a screenshot of the Full page . It may require two or more screenshots to get it all .

5. After you have taken the screenshot of the match, copy this link and complete the form . No exceptions please.

Please do not contact us in Facebook about an African DNA match . No exceptions please. No inboxing messages on social media such as Facebook or WhatsApp. We have a strict protocol and receiving multiple messages will slow the process down. Thanks !!

Kits will NOT be on Gedmatch permanently so hurry! Save your one to one screenshot comparison for your records . The kits do not have names on them so you must follow the steps.

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