Bamileke, Bamoun and Tikar Class - 22 August 2021 at 3 PM EST

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Our Upcoming class is 22 August 2021. Click here to read more The class will be about Bamileke, Bamoun and Tikar People by Princess Ada Anagho Brown of Cameroon. You will also hear details about the Gullah Land Purchase Project that Princess Ada Anagho Brown is a part of. That’s right! Africans and African Diasporans came together and purchased land in the Gullah Geechee area. The culture will be preserved.

Who Can Register

This class is available to DNA Tested African Descendants with Bamoun, Bamileke and/or Tikar Ancestry ONLY. This means the DNA test that you took stated that you either have percentages of Bamoun, Bamileke or Tikar Ancestry or you share ancestry with at least one of the aforementioned ethnic groups. If you found a DNA relative that is Bamoun, Bamileke or Tikar, you can register.

Another method to check your ancestral connection - If you tested at AncestryDNA, 23andme, FTDNA or myheritage, you should be able to download your DNA raw data from their website and then upload it to .

The fee used to be $19 to see the percentage breakdown by ethnic group. If you have percentages of any of the above ethnic groups, the site will tell you. An example of what the percentages may look like is below.

A perk is that we uploaded DNA from our African kits there so you may find a real African relative there. Just FYI, providing DNA matching services to others that tested or uploaded there is FREE.

Examples of Results Accepted :

Getting My Classroom Instructions

When you register for our classes, you will receive an email with instructions. Always check your spam or junk mail just in case it goes there. The instructions explain how to access our PRIVATE classroom. We will verify that you have the aforementioned ancestry.

Be On Time ……… No Exceptions

The details for the class zoom will NOT be emailed to you. The event is PRIVATE and FREE.

There is still time to register. Click here .

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