Black Wall Street Survivors Receive Citizenship in Ghana After a Return of a Lifetime

Two survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre have accepted the offer to become Ghanaian 🇬🇭citizens. Click here to read more BBC reports that the two took a special trip to Ghana. They received the Honorary Titles of Queen Mother and Chief.

‘’We accept it with great joy and we thank the president for this great honor,” said Viola Fletcher, 107, and her brother Hughes Van Ellis, 100.

The two centenarians left the U.S. on Friday, August 13, for the trip of a lifetime to Ghana — their first-time visit to Africa.

Fletcher, also known as “Mother” Fletcher, and Ellis, otherwise known as “Uncle Red”, are two of the three last known living survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921.

The race riot destroyed the properties of the Black inhabitants living in Greenwood, which was at that time the most affluent African-American community in the United States. 300 lives were lost.

What happened in Tulsa In 1921

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