Congrats to Naming Ceremony Celebrants

Greetings Family,

We hope everyone is safe. Congrats to all of the Naming Ceremony Celebrants that received their ancestral names in the past month. We have more Amazing Age Grade Groups that are connected with their people, culture and language. Many have found living relatives born on the continent of Africa.

Ikejiani - Igbo Descendants

Nkiruka - Igbo Descendants

Akofena - Ashanti and Ewe Descendants

Nguìm Gbɛ̂m - Tikar Descendants

Akunleyan ~ Yoruba Descendants

Our next Virtual Naming Ceremonies for first quarter are as follows :

20 Feb 2021 at 1 PM EST Bamoun Naming

14 Mar 2021 at 1 PM EST Igbo Naming

Register Here :

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