Family Reminders, The Holidays and Naming Updates

African Greetings Family!

I hope you all are safe. Just checking in with you to see how you are doing. Just a quick note, if you registered for a naming ceremony, please check your email, spam and junk mail for very important messages. You can register here if you have not already

Join us on the telegram app as well to make sure you have the details and requirements for your naming.

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A Few Tips for the Season OMG! If you have not already seen it, you have to see the Netflix Movie Called “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey” . This is an excellent family movie. Let us know what you think of the snowball scene 🇬🇭... I loved it !!

Safe Connections During COVID and Flu Season

The Winter Celebrations are in the air!! For those of you that participate in the cultural experience of Santa Claus, that is based on the kind acts of a man from Turkey, please be safe out there. There is a way to visit Santa from your home. See this link for details. You can select the ethnicity of the Santa you wish to communicate with. Visit

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Cheer Someone Up.... Let Them Know They Are Not Alone


All of my elfster gifts have been ordered and shipped. The app is so convenient! In this COVID environment, this app is perfect for me. . If you wish, You still have time to contact your trusted family and friends to set up a gift giving group in the app. Just create a profile and start a group there. Invite your trusted friends and family to join. Establish a gift cost limit. Have each person create their wishlist. Set the date for the SECRET Santa drawing. Afterwards, simply order the gift online and send the gift to the person that you are responsible for. Check their wishlist to see what they like. This may not be an option for some but I love it so far.

It took the guess work out of trying to find a gift that someone really wants.

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