Igbo World Festival and Naming Ceremony Today - 31 July 2021


Read about how to watch today’s Igbo Festival here https://tinyurl.com/African-DNA-News . DNA Tested Igbo Descendants will receive Affirmation of their Igbo names during the completion of their rite of passage. Led by Chief (Princess). Naja Chinyere Njoku Eri- Anyanwụ Ụtụtụ, Founder of DNA Tested Africans, they will be introduced to the Igbo Royales of Nigeria for the first time. Several have found real living African relatives through DNA Testing. They are welcomed into the Igbo WorId. The occasion is blessed by His Majesty Chukwuemeka Eri of Eri Kingdom or his Royale Representatives. The Affirmation is conducted by Chief (Princess) Chinyere Njoku Eri - Anyanwụ Ụtụtụ and Onowu (Prime Minister) Dr. NwaChukwu Anakwenze.

They have worked together for months, learned beginner’s and Intermittent Igbo language; some of which was taught by our very own Igbo Language Teacher, Chinwe Ononuju https://tinyurl.com/Igbo-Language-Aunty-Chi . They researched various aspects of Igbo Culture as a community, received their Age Grade names and completed assignments required for this Naming Ceremony Rite of Passage. They worked hard together. Today is their day. Come and celebrate with them. The Festival will be live streamed on YouTube and Facebook. https://m.youtube.com/c/NjenjeMediaTVNG

The DNA Tested Africans ( www.dnatestedafricans.org ) naming ceremony is a private rite a passage that requires completion of assignments both individually and collectively. You are connected to a community of your peers following the same path.

We provide a pathway back into our various African cultures. We do far more than just provide a name. We reconnect you to the source of our ancestral origins using practical methods that assist in today’s world. You will not be alone. Being alone, grabbing a name and moving on is NOT the African way.

If you’d like to take part in future naming ceremony rites of passage, register here. https://tinyurl.com/Naming-Rites

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