More Virtual Events Starting 1 November 2020!

Greetings Family !

As we are remaining safe in our homes, we will continue our cultural experiences. Please see the provided link for more virtual events that begin on 1 November 2020. On 1 November, Igbo Descendants will have an opportunity to learn more about the Igbo culture from Lylicent Ogbuagu and Dr. Ukpabi of Igboland. Click here for zoom access details for the 1 November class.

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Coming in 2021

A Cameroonian Tikar Naming Ceremony will be conducted in 2021. Stay tuned !!

How to join the telegram app and maintain your privacy.

1. Create a free google voice account and select a telephone number.

2. Install the telegram app and use the google voice number during set up . .

3. Create a username for yourself on telegram. Remember others will see the username so make it something recognizable .

4. Join us using a recognizable name.

With regards to family research and communicating with new people, we recommend creating a new email address for this.

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Ụtụtụ Ọma Ndịigbo. (Good Morning Igbo People)

If you participated in previous Igbo naming ceremonies with us, please email me a copy of your certificate at We will provide details to you regarding our cultural reconnection into our Igbo age grade model group assignments. You will learn from Igboland born mentors and scholars. We are doing great things!

If you have not participated in a naming ceremony with us, you can do so virtually. Please see the details at the link below. In the meantime, please remain safe.

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