Naming Ceremony and Virtual Event Registrations

Greetings Family !

I hope everyone is safe. Many have registered for the naming. This is awesome sauce !! Please check your email, junk and spam box for registration instructions. We sent communications out as soon as you registered. They contain your next steps. They must be followed in order to take part. So please, check so we can get you started.

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A Few Dates for Virtual Events

  • 13 Dec 20 -Igbo Naming

  • 16 Jan 21 - Brief History of Eri Kingdom and Anambra State

  • 17 Jan 21 - Tikar Naming

  • 06 Feb 21 - Yoruba Naming and Brief History of Yorubaland

  • 20 Feb 21 - Bamoun Naming

  • 14 Mar 21 - Igbo Naming

Join our Virtual Community

Our Organization and Facebook Guidelines apply.

  1. Install the telegram app

  2. Create a username

  3. Join via this link

  4. Introduce yourself when you join.

See you there .

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