Olaudah Equiano of Igboland - Reimagined-Highlights

Olaudah Equiano of Igboland - Reimagined #BlackHistory365 read more https://bit.ly/33JdNpi

⭐️ Imagine if there were cell phones, internet and instagram back in 1756. This film tells a story from that perspective based on a real Igbo person in the place now called 🇳🇬 Nigeria. Ndi Igbo means Igbo people. Our ethnic group is misspelled by the west in many records as Ibo, Ebo, Heboh, or Heebo.

💥 Kudos to my beautiful sister Yvonne Chiọma Mbanefo and her team for this modern rendition.

This is based on a true story of Olaudah Equiano, the boy who became enslaved as a child, buy back his freedom, and eventually become one of the most influential people of his time. This film portrays the beginning of his story in west Africa in 1756

✅ Part 1


✅ Part 2


✅ Part 3


✅ Part 4


✅ Part 5


✅ Part 6


✅ Part 7


Endorsement by Trevor Noah

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