Tips for Organizing Your African DNA Matches in Your E-Notebook

Greetings family ! I hope everyone is safe. Let’s be responsible and considerate as we reconnect with our DNA Matches. Never post anyone’s DNA or Gedmatch screenshots, images or info in Social Media or anywhere without their written permission. I am sure you would not want your images and private messages posted in various groups on social media and in messenger programs without your permission. This is prohibited in all of our platforms. The goal is to maintain and respect the privacy of our new relatives.

Here are some Responsible Tips

1. Install any of the following. Select the app that best suits your needs.

* Microsoft OneNote for a free note-taking app

* Apple Notes for Apple users

• Evernote for the ultimate digital notebook

* Google Keep for Google power users

* Notion for collaboration

2. Create a notebook or folder if possible

3. Add an information page or section for each match .

4. Request and add images

5. Document your interactions and any facts found.

6. After acquiring PERMISSION from ALL parties, Record your communications.

7. Take pictures and videos if you are together

8. Have recorded ( with permission ) video conferencing sessions.

9. Never share your matches’ images , DNA , private messages or info without their written permission.

10. Back up all information

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