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As you requested , we have a naming ceremony for Ashanti / Akan and Ewe scheduled for 22 Nov at 1 PM EST. It will be via zoom because of the pandemic . Please register using this link if you wish to receive an Ashanti/ Akan or Ewe name. https://tinyurl.com/Ancestral-Naming-2020

Announcement by Dr. Ngozi

Ututu Oma (Good morning) family! If you received your Igbo name through DNA Tested Africans before 22 Aug 2020, you are eligible to participate in a great reconnection program we will share with you. Install the free and secure telegram app https://telegram.org Then contact Sister Akunnaya @A_Crosslin , for age grade group assignments. Search for her name as written above with the ‘@‘ symbol. Send her a short introduction and a copy of your naming certificate that we provide you during your naming. Don’t forget to make the introduction short and send her the certificate. Daalu! 🤗

Announcement by Akunnaya

By popular request, we are conducting one more Virtual Igbo Naming Ceremony during 2020 on 13 Dec 2020 at 1 PM EST. Click this link to register https://tinyurl.com/Ancestral-Naming-2020 ..

See this link for more Igbo History https://tinyurl.com/More-Igbo-History

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