Urgent Regarding Manipulated Gedmatch Screenshots

Greetings Family,

We were forwarded some manipulacted Gedmatch Screenshots with certain individuals making claims to be related to African Kits we manage in Eri Kingdom and among the Tikar. They are NOT a match. We have informed the Royales of this blatant and disrespectful violation of our guidelines and the fact that there is no relation. We provided them with the same screenshots that have been posted on Facebook. Each kit that we manage specifically stated ’DO NOT SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA’. Yet the individuals shared them. The Royales are aware of what was done and are NOT happy about it. For these reasons, some major changes have been made and kits and requirements have been changed in order to connect effective immediately.

To The Fraudulent Individuals

You really did a disservice to those that genuinely wanted to find family. It was selfish and totally disrespectful to our work. There will be NO connection between the fraudulent individuals and the Africans that have tested with us because of the breach of security and peace. We have all of the screenshots that were sent to us and again, they were forwarded to the Royales. You can try to fake a document but you can’t fake the additional processes we conduct to make sure the screenshots sent to us are actually accurate.

What exactly did you think would happen when you violate our rules? Even to the extend of recording a sacred event and posting it on social media without the consent of those that you recorded. You have provided another justification as to why many will not give any of their family history to others. Placing things on social media could put the life of some people in danger but you did this for likes. It was very immature and just horrid.

As you read this, it would be in your best interest to DELETE ALL of the screenshots of any of our kits that you’ve posted on social media and anywhere else. DELETE the ceremony recording . Every person on that video has a right to seek legal action against you. We were provided a copy of that as well.

As we have stated, the Royales know you are NOT related in accordance to the current science and guidelines available. You have been banned from all platforms and services . This matter has been reported to and is being monitored by a few entities and Action will be taken.

Use that same energy to find real family .

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