Using to See Your African Ethnic Groups and Relative Matches

Using for African Ethnic Groups. Read here

Some have asked, how can they find out if they are Yoruba, Igbo , Tikar and so on. See the tips .

As you all know, we are NOT a DNA testing company.

⭐️ FYI, There are NO black owned DNA testing labs in America. Most DNA testing companies outsource to labs or they own the lab themselves. This means they send the kits to a lab to process and the results are sent to the DNA testing company to provide to you.

We use the resources available to help you search for Africa born relatives. Our nonprofit organization has tested over 250 people born in Africa hailing from various ethnic groups. If you follow the steps that we provide, you can search to see if you are related to any of them at the provided websites. This is a FREE service. This link has more helpful tips on how.

The companies listed are Autosomal DNA testing companies. If the company is not listed, it is because the company does not test Autosomal DNA , they can’t help you with finding your living relatives .

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